About 12,000 teachers are tested for computer literacy

A number of measures are being taken as part of the President's initiative to turn the Syrdarya region into an exemplary educational quality.
 In particular, on October 16, the Ministry of Public Education and the Center for ICT Development in Public Education launched a test to determine the computer literacy level of public education staff in Syrdarya region.
The purpose of these tests is to determine the computer literacy of teachers and school principals and to enhance ICT knowledge.

Testing is conducted in five districts of Syrdarya region, including Gulistan, Boyavut, Yangier, Ak-Altyn and Syrdarya districts.
The test is designed for teachers with a particular complexity for the school principal and their deputies,
It is required to mark 30 tests.
The test will be completed on October 22, with an estimated 11,904 teachers and staff in the field of public education.

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