Department of information security and server platform management

Department of information security and server platform management​ is a component of the Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Public Education.

The department conducts the following actions so as to improve and reform the education system, and manifest the government policy in this sphere:

  • supporting the official website of public education, information-education portal, and information-system technically;
  • managing corporate mailing system;
  • inspecting the all-time operational status of the servers and in the cases of the   situations, providing the operational status of servers in a short time
  • participating in the preparation of the suggestions for using computers, connections, and telecommunication equipment; and new programs
  • installing and configuring network and application software;
  • helping to connect educational institutions to the global and local internet;
  • participating in developing concepts, strategies, and programs for improving ICT in the public education system;
  • advising and providing technical support to install, planning, and utilizing security systems, such as video inspection;
  • participating in giving or preparing conclusions on software products, e-learning systems that are offered to public education, based on technical requirements;
  • participating in preparing suggestions on using computer equipment, new information-communication technologies, educating resources;


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