Department of implementation of modern technologies

Department for the implementation of modern technologies is a component of the Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Public Education. 

The department conducts the following actions so as to improve and reform the education system, and manifest the government policy in this sphere:

  • participating in the improvement of exchange of documents and information
  • making proposals to the agenda of the meetings of the central office of the center
  • monitoring the tasks set forth in the ministry decisions, orders, central orders, and in the work plan
  • preparing reports and information to the ministry and concerned agencies about the activities of the center
  • preparing all administrative documents related to the activities of the department
  • participating in learning best practices in ICT and their implementation.
  • offering expert services in ICT to the ministry and other organizations
  • performing the implementation of the supply of software and electronic information related to education
  • developing strategy and program to develop ICT in the center and public education
  • participating in organizing event related to ICT throughout the Republic
  • giving or participating in giving conclusions on the quality of the software products and e-learning materials, which are offered the public education system based on the set regulations and technical requirements.
  • participating in organizing international symposiums, conferences, and educational seminars on the implementation of ICT in public education.
  • participating in developing educational-methodical materials, instructions for developing and using multimedia applications, and registering necessary technical decumentations.
  • participating in implementing software and software tools.
  • giving suggestions on pedagogical relevance of multimedia educational materials that have been developed
  • maintaining the development of procedures and instructions on implementing ICT in public education, and their implementation
  • cooperation with the methodologists of the Training Center of the Republic on creating, expertise, and testing electronic resources.
  • working with testing platforms, providing practical help for the implementation of the electronic resources that are being created by the teachers in secondary schools, getting feedback from teachers and improving the system.
  • participating in the seminars that are being held
  • participating in the development of necessary regulatory and technical documents for the successful operation of the center, and their coordination.

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