Department of Human Resources

 The department conducts the following actions so as to improve and reform the education system, and manifest the government policy in this sphere:

  • prepare the staff schedule of employees and in accordance with the established procedure to submit it to the chief accountant;
  • to form and execute the project of personnel orders;
  • register and serve travel orders, and store in the appropriate order;
  • to form and provide to the Ministry in their nomenclature the personnel reserve;
  • to develop internal documentation Of the center on the personnel direction;
  • prepare the relevant documents for employment, and conclude employment contracts;
  • to make and register leave of employees, to monitor its observance;
  • keep records of employees and monitor;
  • to work with incoming letters from higher organizations and other departments, also responds to them in a timely manner;
  • prepare, register and monitor identity cards for newly appointed and other permanent staff;
  • make proposals to the annual and monthly work plans of the Center.

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