Why the receiving process in schools was changed?

In Tashkent, there are many families who are, having a good school near their micro district, cannot allow their child to study there, but, on the contrary, are forced to send their child to another micro district, thereby complicating the situation for themselves and the child.
For example, the number of students living in the micro district of 81 schools, but unable to enter their own school, forced to study elsewhere was 28 thousand. Why should they go to another school while they are providing quality education in their area?
Secondly, according to the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution of 2017 "On Approval of the Regulation on Secondary Education the number of pupils in the class should not exceed 35 pupils. However, in the central districts and cities, especially in Tashkent, this number reaches 45-50 pupils. The large number of students in the classroom makes the teacher less able to work with each child individually. This in itself leads to a decline in the quality of education. That is why we conducted a questionnaire among the teachers, "What are the factors that negatively affect the quality of school education?" As a result of the questionnaires, it was also found out that the main part of the participants, more precisely 60 percent, caused an excessive number of pupils in the same classes.

First of all, by doing this we can reach followings : to put the child in a school in a micro district where he / she lives without any difficulty, improve the quality of education, prevent corruption, ensure equality, and prevent school diversions, moreover create each school's own budjet.
     By the way, documents are accepted through the Public Service Center in each district. You will only need a child certificate and a copy of the parent's passport.

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