The new program determines the level of English proficiency

  As you know, David L.Keyes is an international linguistic consultant for assessing student knowledge and a professor of philology, who, together with students, created a computerized testing system.

    This system was installed in test mode in Bukhara, Namangan regions, as well as in the city of Tashkent in June this year.

    On August 6, a meeting was held by the Ministry of Public Education to test this system and its implementation in the new school year. Also, the project manager David L. Kiza noted in his presentation that this test platform is one of the steps that will be taken to form the educational potential of Uzbekistan. “The system is the only automated testing process in the country that determines the level of English language proficiency in school students, and this is important for language learning,” he said. 

   During the event, the pros and cons of regional testing were listed and agreed on the implementation of the system from the new school year.

   At the end of the meeting, Professor David L. Keyes and his team were thanked.

    Recall, international expert Professor David L. kiza from April 2019 led the project of the Ministry of education on "the Introduction of a sustainable computerized assessment system to determine the level of English proficiency in secondary schools" and helped in the implementation.

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