The level of knowledge of the staff of the Syrdarya regional public education system is being researched

    As we have previously reported, a number of measures have been implemented to transform the Syrdarya region into an exemplary region. As part of this initiative, educational institutions in the region are working to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the schools, which are envisaged in the Road Map.
    From October 3 this year, the State Inspection for Education Quality Assessment of School Students' Knowledge. So far, the inspection team has examined 135 schools (43.7%) in the region. In addition, in conjunction with the State Testing Center, tests have been launched to determine the knowledge of regional public education authorities, methodologists, and school teachers in management, related subject and state language. Testing will be carried out on a schedule basis in 3 shifts and will cover 600 teachers per shift.

    On October 7, 1,800 teachers and methodologists will attend the math, computer science, and economics fundamentals.About 90 qualified specialists from Gulistan State University are involved as observers to monitor the testing process.It is planned to complete the tests on October 13 this year and cover over 12500 teachers and staff of Syrdarya regional public education system.

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